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Stolen from Sultaness [Jun. 8th, 2008|06:52 pm]
. What's your name? Scott Zettee,Demonius Darkblade,Tython broduct and Drake coldstone.
. What kind of mood are you in right now?Tired,kinda bored and lonely.
. Whats your favorite kind of bagel, and what do you put on it? Salt bagel with cream cheese *drools*
. If all but one color of m&ms were being discontinued, what color would you choose for them to keep making? Blue, I love the color blue.
. Do you like dippin' dots ice cream? Never heard of it but nothing tops superman ice cream or cookie dough!
. What amusement parks have you been to? Boblo Island (miss the boat rides to the park),Cedar point and Indiana beach.
. What museums have you visited? None. Video game museums I long for.
. Have you ever been to a concert? 2 of them. Def Leppard at Michigan state fair and Genesis W/ Phil collins.
. Have you ever met someone famous? I met a couple members of Def Leppard at the concert and I shook Al Gore's hand at Selfridge air force base.
. What do you collect? Old Video Game carts and 80's Pop culture material.
. Do you own any band t-shirts? No but I want a Paradise Lost Tshirt my size.
. What's your favorite eminem song? None. Feminem is a fucking faggot.
. Whats your favorite board game? Hmmm. Tornado Rex.
. Do you ever hug people? Yes. When I love the person or show care, affection makes anyone happy.
. What color are your nails painted? I used to paint them black, not anymore.
. Are you wearing any makeup? Nope, I am guy.
. Do you like simple plan? No.
. Have you ever heard dreamstreet? Vaugely but not enough to offer detail about.
. What CD is in your cd player? Scott's Picks of video game music Vol 3.
. Whats your favorite video game system? The original Nintendo Entertainment System and close 2nd is the Super Nintendo Entertainment system.
. How many MP3's do you have? I currently have 50 on my computer and 200 on my player.
. Which are better? 80's pwns everything in this world.
. When you go to McDonalds what do you usually order? 2 double cheese burgers,medium fry and a large coke.
. What was the last thing you bought? Clothes off ebay.
. What's your favorite quote? If you lose you can always try again but fuck that.
. Do you have any Chinese neighbors? no, just weridos.
. Do you actually make your bed every morning? No, its going to get unmade...why bother?
. What time did you go to bed last night & wake up today? 3Pm
. What was your favorite class this past year? No school for me.
. How did 9-11 effect you? Truthfully, I didn't care at all. THe U.S Had it coming for a while.
. Can you tap dance? nope.
. Aren't guinea pigs cute? Yes but farrets and kittens steal the cuteness award.
. What's on your bedroom walls? Blaster Master poster,Yugo gvx (dream car), my high school pic and a genesis poster.
. When was the last time you got hurt? Last year I Strained my Lumbar muscles in my back and it was hard to do anything.
. Do you have an accent of any type? German, deep in german. I can emulate hilljacks,arabs and mexicans pretty good though ;)
. What flavor tic-tac do you like? kiwi
. Do you have a deadjournal? Yep, I remember my handle and password but i don't write in it anymore. I just voice my opinion on vlogs mostly.
. Do you have a livejournal? Yes but I never post in it anymore. no one reads it unless drama is happening. Those who knew me a couple years ago remembers the "bitch" drama.
. Do you keep an offline diary/journal? Yes and it'll never be shared with ANYONE.
. Do you take any daily medication? A multi-vitamin if that counts.
. Do you like your picture taken? Depends on mood,setting and my hair.
. What's your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Drink a 6 pack and play some retro gaming with no one to bother me.
. What does your favorite pair of shoes look like? High tops with white,blue and little black.
. How old were you when you bought your first bra? I AM A GUY but I got tittie unfortunately.
. Did you ever have a pet goldfish? No, Had guppies at one point though.
. What happened to the goldfish? mom flushed them down the toilet.
. Have you ever played with a ouija board? No, I don't play Tools of the devil.
. Whens the last time you pulled an all-nighter? Riding the greyhound bus station back from seeing the love of my life, she came back with me though!
. What was your favorite gift on your last birthday? Blaster master novel (thank you honey *muah*)
. Whats your favorite arcade game? Street Fighter II.
. Youre making a movie of your life, whos in it? My self and have other people I know to take the parts. it'll be called "Fat mans heart ache"
. If you were famous, what would be your stage name? Scooter : retro boy.
. Do you support Eminem? Fuck no,that blond hair,bi curious looking moron sucks. His music sucks and so does his mom.
. Who is your best friend? Karl Terry Kruger
. Have you ever had any pets die? A lot of cats were murdered by possums. Evil creatures die by my blade *smiles*
. Do you have alot of pictures from when you were younger? Yes and my love says I was cute...whatever :-P
. Chocolate or Potato chips? Potato chips, Chocolate is good but not always for a snack.
. What's your favorite snack? Milk and cookies....or apples.
. What's the last resturant you ate at?Mongolian Buffet with my fiancee and mom.
. Have you ever laughed at someone who got hurt? Yes. Only because they pissed their pants.
. Have you ever broken any bones? parts sides when I fell off a horse.
. Whats the last book you read? Blaster master :D
. Have you ever driven before? 3 times in life only because I was being taught, However they must have been fustrated because they didn't try teaching me anymore.
. What're you wearing on the first day of school? I don't go to school and don't plan to.
. Who's your worst enemy? All my ex GF's oh and ray duncan.
. Do any of your friends do s? Shrooms? Yes.
. Do you have a CD Burner? Yes, two of them, DVD burner too.
. have you ever played The Sims? yeah but I got bored of it after a week.
. You can get rid of one Nickelodeon cartoon, what is it? Dora the explorer
. Do you like fire? Yes, Only if it's outdoors or cooking food.
. Do you sleep with a nightlight?When I feel uneasy, I have to.
. Whos the last person who spent the night at your house? My fiancee,michelle.
. Whos house did you last spend the night at? again, at michelle's
. Do you like Kittie? Fuck no, They are ugly bitches and their music sounds like soupy shit coming out of a old man's asshole.
. Do you know how to make graphics? Tried, I can make TXT games on Microsoft BASIC.
. What's the last over the counter you took? aspirin after fight with fiancee.
. What's the last movie you saw? Theater? hmmm I believe epic movie at home Childs play 2.
. Last magazine you read? Nintendo power
. Do you own a visor? Nope.
. Do you like hooded sweatshirts? Yeah, they help during the fall months.
. What does your favorite jacket look like? It's green,warm and has a zipper.
. What's normally in your backpack? Backpacks suck, I don't ever use em.
. Are you neat or messy? Very,very messy.
. What's in your pocketbook? total? about $789 dollars.
. How old were you when you started wearing makeup? I don't wear make up.
. At what age did you stop playing with Barbies? Do you take me as a gay man, I don't play with those stupid dolls!!!!
. If you were offered one outfit/costume from a music video, what yould you pick? what Trent reznor wears on the "perfect drug" video.
. If you were given a house from a movie, what house would you want? The house in home alone,that one is big and kicks ass!
. You just broke your leg, who are the first ten people who would sign your cast(not family)? who ever wanted to. I don't know many people because they suck.
.What's something about you not a lot of people know? I am actually a good person.
. What's your favorite show on Nickelodeon? Catdog was.
. You have been granted one wish...what is it? Be happily married with my fiancee.
. What's the furthest you've been from home? Oklahoma.
. Are you religious? I am more for god then satan.
. You see a baby turtle, and his shell is cracked, what do you do? I would heal it to the best of my ability.
. Did you go school shopping yet? I don't go to school.
. What song makes you cry? 2 that do it every time, George micheal - One more try and Phil collins - least you can do.
. Do you cry while watching movies often? only 2 things did that. Titanic and Fushigi yuugi.
. Do you fear change? Yes for the most part.
. Do you like dancing? nope. boring.
. What's your biggest flaw? not being smart.
. Has anyone ever told you that you resemble someone famous?Yes, the singer meatloaf, barney gumble from the simpsons and chris farley.
. What version of AOL do you use? none, AOL blows dicks.
. What does your desktop look like? Picture of me and my fiancee.
. Do you play any online games? used to. they are boring in my opinion.
. What did you do today? Get up, watch a ending of a movie and be part of a tornado.
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Thankfully....... [Jun. 26th, 2006|02:19 pm]
[Current Music |Crusader No remorse - Mission 1]

My Ex nicole didn't bother me. THANK GOD! The bitch came up but didn't visit me. I am really happy about that, I didn't want to see or care ever to see her. Ex's are Ex's for a reason and the reason is they are no longer a part of your life so let them go fuck off and die somewhere.Some say ex's are not good to hang around with because you bang each other still after. That is true in some cases but never in any of mine,unlike most of the people I know I use my head and not my dick. The people I know are just flat out retarded and have little worth to me,because they changed into people who remind me that of "trend whores" who I can't stand for like of it.

Finally it can be said that I have Absolutely have NO desire to ever call mary again, she changed in a very bad way, she is a demon and no longer human if she had a human heart she would have seen what i did for her and possibly want to work out whatever differences we had during our wonderful time together.However that is a life that has long been dead for a while.

So yes, thank god and all his glory that Nicole didn't see me. I was happy to hear when she called and said she headed home in Ohio. now I can smile and say "good and stay there" ex's.......I FUCKING HATE THEM. Nicole will one day do what the others have learned and not talk to me.
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My ex is coming over tomorrow. ugh. [Jun. 21st, 2006|11:40 pm]
[Current Mood |contentcontent]
[Current Music |Paradise Lost - Red Shift]

man, God why. Nicole is in michigan as of right now for the weekend (I guess) Times like these I wish I had a car and leave from here.Just to get away from her, I don't like talking to ex's they need to go away and leave me alone for all eternity, however nicole doesn't feel the same way,she wants to be friends with ex's. Ex's blow, I can't stand them and their new found happniess i just want them to suffer the same fate I have, Permanet lonliness. I want them to cry,suffer,feel pain and give them more when they don't have enough. however the worlds way is fucked up. now the ones who fucked me up are the ones getting the high life and I recieve nothing for my trouble. Really, if I had a wish, it would be for my ex's to die a very gruesome,gory and terrible way,however I am not their fate chooser. Another wish is not to have any of my ex's bother me EVER AGAIN. Then my final wish is to have a woman come into my life that will want what I want and her and I could walk in the sunset together hand and hand, we could watch the world pass over us as long as we have each other, we wouldn't need anyone else.

This world is full of dreams and hopes but those are of mine are empty. Makes me wonder if some witchdoctor came into my room when I was buring nursed and placed a curse on me. If I wasn't given the friendship of these fools I were friends with maybe my outlook and attitude would be better but its too late for that, I am full of rage and want everyone to suffer fates as great as mine,I want relationships to end, I want hell to break loose for these people I defriended. My soul tells me to remain patient and watch their world crumble and laugh at it. Laugh at what they deserved for putting all this felling upon me.

So bottom line nicole is coming to my house tomorrow I wish we wouldn't have that but.....hopefully it will be over as fast as it came. then I can forget it all. then life can get back to normal.
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Another day of 12 hour work day. [Jun. 19th, 2006|02:59 pm]
Yeah I just worked 6 of those hours and now i have time to sit and breathe. however I really don't want to sit and breathe because it will give me time to think and I don't want to think because then I will be thinking about mary and a couple other people that I wonder what life would be like with any of them. I know I will grow old and die alone but there is that stupid part in my head that fights against those feelings. There has got to be a way of manipulating myself into thinking of what I need and don't need. I know in reality I don't need a companion, I don't need assholes as friends and I don't extra aggravation that dwells here at home. Here is the problem. when I think of what real love is, both my mind and heart go crazy like it wants affection but since I don't have anyone to share that with, my depression kicks in and then we are in the phase of me either crying,getting pissed or just blank.

Todays world you need to be this or that to have ANYTHING. Therefore I do not and I repeat DO NOT belong in this world. Maybe the world that existed 100 years ago or so but not now, its too much for this little mind can handle.I don't think complex and I try to stay as simple as it can possibly get. That is why work and home is a easy lifestyle, everything else is boring or not my thing to do. I don't enjoy parties, I like a one man party with me though, I can drink and do what I want. well now I must set sail to big lots and put up with the bullshit I always put up with, I hate it and don't wanna go there but its money in my pocket that I need. after the night is done i am buying a beer and drowning my sorrows, for that is all I can do to supress my depression and rage I have towards people. until then I have to remain calm. well I am out.
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I got what I wanted. [Jun. 14th, 2006|01:49 pm]
[Current Mood |contentcontent]
[Current Music |Fushigi Yuugi - Miaka and Tamahome]

what did I want? People to leave me alone and let me feel better. I have to say my plan helped. I am not as depressed as I was but I still get my moments but not as frequent. At Work I can stick up for myself and do my work. Now that I don't have people that use me for my belongings or pester me for not being a optimistic fag, I can move on and enjoy the lifestyle I lead with noone to bother me.

one thing that has surprised me is I haven't touched a video game in like 2 weeks. I am not giving them up but I am distanting myself from games for a while. To get the gamer feeling back into action.However remaining happy how wii is going to STOMP ps3 flat like the POS that it is makes me happy, I may not get a wii though, because I own too much as it is and not enough room for everything not only that I am really thinking of saying good bye to the gaming world just because its the same ol running around like a jack ass and either,shooting,slashing and other stuff BUT if I do give up on the gaming today, I will still play the Godly NES.
Who needs personal friends that fuck you hardcore and steal from you when you have these beautys to come home to.

So yeah, no one bothers me now I think it is better that way. No one to hurt me,no one to make me feel lower than dirt and Lastly no one to tell me if I am right or wrong. My friend Andy comes over like every other day but personally I think he just comes over to play the games, thats it but sometimes we are competitive and play Guilty Gear X for DC or SouL caliber and sometimes we play fun games together like Gunstar Heroes and Contra. We haven't played anything in a couple weeks though,doesn't bother me though.

and if I ever found the person who stole my mega man X collection they will get the biggest beat down ever, you steal from me, the demons will unleashed and you better run the fuck away or else you'll feel my wrath.

well I am done writing for now.
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Another Day of nothing [Jun. 5th, 2006|10:56 am]
[Current Mood |pessimisticpessimistic]
[Current Music |Solider Blade - Stage 4]

Today is crap, I get to work at 4 at big cocks and then tomorrow mow my neighbors lawn for the measly $20. Yesterday I worked at Boston market and it was a pretty easy day considering that sundays are usualy the worst day. Today I hope BL is dead but lately business has been booming there. I still hate it there and always will until Kerry leaves.

This Friday I am getting drunk again because I need it and I want to,My friend Joe is turning 21 this weekend and rather taking him to a bar, I will just buy him drinks from skips and me a beer and two shots of whatever. I wish alcohol didn't kill your liver otherwise I would drink it more often but.....I can't.

Lately I have to say has been pretty cool because since no one bothers me now, I am more productive around here and other places.This is why I believe I should just work all the time,since I don't do anything else. Working and being in my cave are 2 good combinations.No one bothers me and I don't bother anybody,simple,easily living Just the way I want it.

I would like to get away for a while from this state because I am getting sick of michigan.However my mother in the shape she is in.....I can't leave her like that and knowing not a damn soul is going to take care of her,so I must remain to take care of the one that brought me up even though I didn't asked to be born into this world nor do I want to be a part of it but I have to, there is no way out. Just stuck here until my body dies out. long wait indeed. well I am out.
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drunk [Jun. 2nd, 2006|10:24 pm]
So I am drunk right now because I hate myself and want to escape from this reality that I live in this day and age. I am sick of living anymore, I am trying to locate a carbon monoxide tank and just freeing myself from this world. face the facts and deal with the truth that I am just taking up space and have little worth.Can't be loved or like so whats the point of staying here? Hopefully, one day someone can do what I should have done at the age 12.

I am druionk and deafeated buyt who cares right? there are 2 people I wanna fight right now.and there is 2 people I wanna rape right now but the "I know what it'll do" part of my brain is still intact. whatever, fuck today and life for it has nothing to offer but dicks like mike and rickey.
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I got myself back together. [May. 24th, 2006|05:25 pm]
[Current Mood |goodgood]
[Current Music |Paradise lost - Sun Fading]

the alcohol I consumed friday mad me get weak and depressed but after a couple days I am back with my heart of stone and bull headed mind. the man YOU love to hate! Those Black jokes were hilarious yesterday I thought. There are more I could say but those will be saved for another time and day. Mowing my neighbors lawn today was a pain in the fucking ass for one its too fucking open and for another it takes millions of minutes to cut the damn thing..... I do it for $20 so its good, it gives me extra moo-lah to spend on myself if I wish to.

Last night was pretty fun I was playing Some N64 which i really haven't done in a while. The Snes and NES have been getting a lot of play, Trying to get the ol feeling back of how gaming used to be. This is why I am loving the nintendo wii, can play games differently and play old school have two wonderful ingredients old school and new way of play equals BAM!

this also marks sony's downfall. no matter who I talk to they stated that 'ps3 = gay' but I know a few fan boys too that will disagree (you know who you are,faggets) Even if nintendo comes in 2nd that isn't bad. People who spend $599 + tax are retarded. Nintendo has always been about charging a decent price for a great game. i remember buying wind waker for $44 and playing it to death, I love the game but sailing blows lol. Nintendo will always gamers happy. all the sony dick suckers get ready to spend mucho money on yet another POS your gay asses bought a PS2, glad I only had mine for a couple months, i barely played it though. nothing like GTA on a PC though. Shit this PC is so much better then a POS 2 or 3. Sony is going to fall, I know it and feel it. then I can laugh at the retards.

Oh and WTF are up with chicks now a days. they are so god damn retarded. They can't speak the english language that well at all. they are like "yeh today is col, wanna do sumtig" I am like "you are a stupid bitch, go back to english class, stupid fuck" I shake my head when it comes to the smarts of the female gender. they are stupid or should that be "Stoopid" Ha ha,funny!

I bought the fushigi Yugi box set and I sent the payment monday,Going to be great, I am just going to make a shit load of people corn and get some diet pepsi and watch FY as long as I like. Still amazes me that my own brother likes FY over inuyasha, he used to be like "Inuyasha is the best anime" I showed him otherwise, so I am proud of that. well its 6 pm time to cook me some dinner, later.

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ROLMAO [May. 23rd, 2006|06:13 pm]
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Funniest thing I have seen in a while.
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funny. [May. 23rd, 2006|06:00 pm]
[Current Mood |nerdynerdy]
[Current Music |Paradise lost - Red shift.]

how do you babysit nigger kids (nig-lets)?
you lick their lips and stick them on the wall.

if your belongs are floating mid air at night
it means a nigger is in your house.

Why did chuck norris cross the road?
to round house the chicken.

How do you kill a retard?
give him a knife.

How do you kill a blonde?
put spikes on her shoulders.

why are niggers the world record runners?
they are used to running from cops.
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